Do you have bloating, gas, stomach cramps, abdominal pain? An adjustment of nutrition and identification of the cause will give you relief.


You are tired. The doctor does not see a pathological reason in your tests. Together we will see how to reboost you using food, plants or vitamin supplements.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts assail you too often? You no longer feel up to the task?

A rebalancing of food combined with coaching could make your life smoother.

Feminine health concerns

You suffer from pain during the few days of your period or the last 10 days of your cycle? Menopause and its inconveniences have arrived? A personalized nutrition, emotional and phytotherapy program could take this burden away.

Diabetes, cholesterol,

Let's define a program that you will enjoy following.

Skin problems, allergies, stress

Let's find and fix the origin of your symptoms. Some herbal teas have a calming effect that can allow you to give yourself a moment of relaxation every day.