You are in search of meaning and well-being

You want to have inspiring life projects

You want to stand up after a hard time (separation, bereavement, job loss, existential crisis).

You dream of stopping criticizing yourself and constantly questioning yourself.

You have lost sense in what you are doing, you no longer know what you want.

You think life must be tough.

Do you finally want to be happy and caring with yourself?


The stages of coaching

  1. Help you define what you really want and differentiate it from the expectations that come from your environment

  2. Allow you to understand the values ​​that guide you

  3. Allow you to identify the limiting beliefs that prevent you from being or doing what you want

  4. Allow you to identify what will enable you to achieve what is important to you

  5. Define the actions to be implemented to move towards the goal

  6. Allow you to stand on your own feet with peace of mind

The tools

Questioning, reducing or even removing limiting beliefs by reframing meaning, exploring the positive part of your so called weaknesses to unconditionally accept yourself….


We may also use drawing or visualization to meet your unconscious part, which knows what really drives you.



You fully accept yourself knowing what you want.

You have found meaning and joy in your life.


Number of sessions 4 to 10 sessions as needed.