In 2015, I consulted a professionnal coach because I felt lost and joyless, in a real quest for meaning in my job and life.

I had a stable, stressful job, a lot of work, a good salary but I felt useless.

I tryed for a long time to find what I could do to regain motivation, including applying for jobs and finally choosing none because I felt that I was on the wrong track but had no clue what the right track would be.

I was lost as I could not even recognize myself in my acts anymore.

A colleague told me about coaching and this is how I discovered coaching.

The coach allowed me to take the necessary distance to change perspective and see all possibilities by better understanding my values ​​and identifying how my mind tricked me to not see the whole picture and keep safe even if unhappy.

A first action was to find a way of being in phase with my values ​​in my job. Secondly, I chose a job that allows me to be fully aligned.

I am now in constant development to support people towards realizing their full potential of health, happiness and joy.