After 20 years of career in Supply Chain and Logistics roles in a Fortune 500 company, I decided to convert myself to this fulfilling job as consultant in naturopathy, iridology and professionnal life coaching.

I am convinced that certain pains in the body stem from our emotions.

Sometimes changing our perception of things and being gentler with ourselves improves things.

My vision is to support people towards a greater awareness of themselves by proposing methods that lead to well-being, self-acceptance and joy.

My mission is to help you to discover your own resources and to propose personalized, natural solutions.

I am looking forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Trainings and memberships

Member of the Syndicat des Professionnels de la Naturopathie. SPN (

  • Certified Naturopathic consultant

  • Professional Certified Coach RNCP VI

  • Conflict management

  • Iridology training at the

Felke Institut in Gerlach 





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Digestive difficulties

Do you have bloating, gas, stomach cramps, abdominal pain? An adjustment of nutrition and identification of the cause will give you relief.


You are tired. The doctor does not see a pathological reason in your tests. Together we will see how to reboost your energy using food, plants or vitamin supplements.

Negative thoughts

Do negative thoughts weigh you down too often? You no longer feel motivated?

A proposal of rebalancing your food along with coaching sessions could be the right approach.

Feminine health concerns

You suffer from pain during the few days of your period or the last 10 days of your cycle? Menopause and its inconveniences have arrived? A personalized nutrition, emotional and phytotherapy program could take this burden away.

Skin problems, allergies, stress

Let's explore and identify the origin of your symptoms. Some herbal teas have a calming effect that can allow you to give yourself a moment of relaxation every day.


During the first 1.5 hour consultation, we will discuss your health and happiness goals and then establish a personalized program.

I will carry out your vitality assessment based on a questionnaire that you will have previously filled out on your health, your digestion, the state of your skin, your diet, your medical history and your drug treatments.

Naturopathy considers that everything is connected.

We will therefore look for the real cause that prevents you from being in good health.

This cause can be emotional.

Following this first consultation, we will define whether several sessions will be necessary to modify certain long-term habits.

I offer a package of 3 sessions at a preferential rate to better support you.

We could also turn to coaching to explore what is preventing you from feeling better and to set up new habits of thought.

Tropical Leaves

Naturopathic approach



Identify and solve the cause without harm.


The individual must be considered as a whole.


You are unique with your strengths and weaknesses


A balanced diet, movement and appropriate emotional management will keep you in good shape.


Vital energy flows through us fluidly when we are aligned.

You are a combination of your thoughts, your actions, your diet, your family history, the circumstances of your birth, and your life path.
Knowing some natural tips will help you stay in good shape.

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